Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour

2018 Inclement Weather Policy

It is the policy of the Tour that we will proceed with tournament play, regardless of weather conditions, unless such conditions cause the course to be unfair for competition; or, such conditions are considered extreme or dangerous by the course management or the Tour committee.  We do take into consideration the age and physical capability of our Tour members.

If we cancel, we will attempt to reschedule to the same day of the week; either: July 9 or 10 for tournaments 1-4; or, October 15, 16 or 17 for tournaments 5-8.  If these dates don't work for the course, we will reschedule to another suitable date.  Regardless of the date chosen, any makeup tournament will be considered an official points tournament.  

 NOTE - Players should mark July 9 & 10 and October 15, 16 & 17 on the calendar as possible makeup dates.