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Updated April 2, 2020

This page is used by the TOUR Committee to provide news and special updates. Please make it a habit to check  here on a regular basis.

With the Coronavirus threat out there, we urge all of you to be selective in attending large group events.  Also, due to the threat, WE HAVE POSTPONED THE BLUE HILLS TOURNAMENT TO AUGUST 31ST, making the first tournament DRAPER VALLEY ON MAY 11TH.  The Botetourt Special Event is tentatively scheduled for July 13th, though further delays in our official schedule may force us to cancel.  For now, the remainder of the Official 2020 Tournament Schedule is intact, and we plan to proceed with all events unless the current Coronavirus threat escalates.

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Congratulations to TIM EARHART, the 2020 Medalist Division Champion. 

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NEW: DICK'S SPORTING GOODS has been a primary sponsor of the Tour for many years, offering tournament awards to event winners, and store coupons exclusive to RVSGT members. Beginning this year, you may access the coupons by clicking the Dick's image below.  Coupons are good for multiple uses during 2019.

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By going to the RESULTS page, you can access tournament results for this year, and past years, including points totals, finish positions, and scoring averages.  

Now is a good time to brush up on the revised Rules of Golf.  They're not there just to penalize you.  You can often improve your situation by taking advantage of the rules.  Access them via USGA website at

Re Rules - This is a competitive Tour. It is the responsibility of every player in the group to enforce all rules and protect the field.  At a minimun you are expected to warn a player about an inappropriate action. If he continues to violate the rule, bring it to the attention of the committee immediately upon turning in the scorecard.  It is strongly suggested that all Tour members, new and old, review the Tour RULES before every outing. Rules will be enforced, and infractions may result in assessment of penalty strokes, disqualification, or suspension from the Tour. Visit the USGA website at to view their rules videos and enhance your knowledge of the rules of play.

Inclement Weather Policy - It is the policy of the Tour that we will proceed with tournament play, regardless of weather conditions, unless such conditions cause the course to be unfair for competition; or, conditions are considered extreme or dangerous by the course management or the Tour committee. If we cancel, we will attempt to reschedule to the appropriate makeup dates.  If these dates don't work for the course, we will reschedule to another date.  Regardless of the date chosen, the makeup tournament will be considered an official points tournament.  

If you have a worthy item to include here, send it to Tommy. If it passes muster, we'll include it. If you happen to make a Hole-In-One, click on this link to go to the Hole-In-One Club page and submit your information.

The VSGA has changed to year round handicap posting. That means, for those of you having USGA handicaps, all rounds you play in Virginia, or south of Virginia, should be posted in the VSGA/GHIN system.  All RVSGT events should be posted as Tournament rounds.