Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour


The Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour has a Tour Alternate program with two goals. The first is to extend the Tour opportunity to more players. The second is to allow the Tour to fill each course to the minimum number of players committed to the course management. The maximum field for each course will vary based on course configuration and cart availability.  It's important to note that we will not overload a course for the sole purpose of playing the Alternates. While we may field all available Alternates at most tournaments, there may be a few tournaments where we do not field any Alternates.  

Alternates playing in a tournament will pay the standard tournament fee. They will play under the standard RVSGT Rules of Play, and they will be eligible for all tournament prizes, including points toward year end awards.

We will accept Tour Alternate applications after we reach our full membership target of 120. Tour applicants received after #120 will be contacted in order of receipt and possibly offered a position as Tour Alternate.  Those accepting will be designated as Alternate-1, Alternate-2, etc., until the desired number of Tour Alternates are registered. The $125 application fee for those accepting the Alternate positions will be retained until the end of the current season, at which time they will be refunded $10 for each tournament they do not play. Alternates fortunate enough to play all 9 tournaments will not receive a refund.

All Alternates are presumed to be available for the first tournament, and thereafter, unless they notify Joe Bass or Ken Kornegay of a change in their availability status: Available or Not Available.  It is the responsibility of the Alternate to ensure their availability status is correct for each tournament.  Ken will notify the Alternates of their probable play status about 5 days before the tournament, then again on Sunday preceeding the tournament.  Alternates may also check their status on the Event Handicap page of the website. Status is shown as:

Standby, OUT (Not Available), or IN.

If we require Alternates for a given tournament, we will draw from the Alternates having an Standby status. The draw begins with the lowest numbered Alternate and continues until we fill to the target play level for the course. The entire Alternates list will be notified the day before the event of their final play status (Standby, Not Available, or IN) for the tournament.

IMPORTANT - The primary communications vehicle for this program will be email.

If one of the RVSGT members drops during the season, the lowest numbered Alternate may be offered the full membership slot.  If he accepts the slot, he becomes a full member of the Tour, eligible to play all tournaments.  If he declines the slot, he can remain in the Alternate program under the terms outlined previously.  Alternates accepting full membership during the year will receive a $10 refund for only those tournaments not played prior to becoming a full member.

An important benefit of being an Alternate is that all Alternates are given priority over new applicants wishing to join the Tour for the following year.