Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour

2014 Tour Information

The RVSGT was organized in 2003 as a competitive venue for senior golfers in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding area.  We have been very successful, which is attributable to the membership, our gracious sponsors, and the news media who keep information about the Tour and our members in regular public view.

It is our sponsors with their donations and support that help make the Tour the great success it is today. Please patronize them and let them know how much you appreciate them.

The Tour offers Tournament Level Awards and Year End Awards.   Keith Moore won the Overall Points Championship for 2013 with his consistent play throughout the season. Under our points format, anyone from the field, regardless of handicap, has the opportunity to win the Overall Points Championship.

All tournaments are played from the senior teeing ground unless otherwise specified by the committee. Handicaps are computed for the specific course, and the field is flighted into three divisions to permit competition among players with similar handicaps.  Five awards are presented in each division at the monthly tournaments.  Additionally, points are awarded based on finish position and the Top 20 points leaders are awarded at the end of the season.

We use a modified USGA handicap system applying 85%, vs. USGA's 96%, to the average differential of a player’s lowest rounds. For more details, please refer to the Handicap Info page on this website.

We will have a roster of 120 members, plus alternates, for 2014. Since we must provide an accurate count of participants to the golf courses, we have two simple but extremely important rules.

  •  If you played in the preceding tournament, you are automatically entered into the next event. You must notify us if you do not intend to play.
  • If you did not play in the preceding tournament, you are not entered into the next tournament and you must notify us if you intend to play.

Failure to comply with these requests may result in you having to pay cart and green fees, or being left out of the next tournament.

Thank you for your support and participation. Enjoy the 2014 Senior Golf Tour and please give a big thank you to our sponsors who recognize the value of having the Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour as another great option for seniors in the Roanoke area.

Senior Tour Committee

Door Prizes Ken Gross (540) 890-6939
Check-In, Scoring & Handicaps Steve Blades (540) 721-8198
Membership, Media & Scoring Tommy Firebaugh (540) 977-4686
Webmaster, Rules & Scoring Ken Kornegay (540) 981-1515
Check-In & Scoring Frank Lang (540) 890-3402
Check-In & Scoring Bruce Lupton (540) 774-6315
Check-In, Treasurer & Results Bob Poff (540) 387-0663 boblindapoff