Roanoke Valley Senior Golf Tour

Low Gross Medalist Division Information

This virtual Medalist Division is in addition to the three net divisions we currently have on tour.  The annual fee is $60 in addition to the standard $120 Tour fee.  All awards are based on gross score only.  Participation in this division has no effect on your participation in the regular divisions. You are still entitled to all net-score Tour awards, as well as the traditional Low Gross Medalist awards (Medal + $25GC).  

Note: The Medalist for individual tournaments, regardless of whether the player is in this division, or not, will receive the traditional Tour Medalist Medal and the $25 Gift Card to the hosting course.

Individual Tournament Awards are shown in the table below.  Tie breakers will determine ranking for Individual Tournament GC awards, as follows: Back 9, Last 6, Last 3, #18, #1, #2 ..... using Gross Score.

In addition to Individual Tournament awards, players earn points to compete for the Top 5 Year End Awards. The points structure is similar to that of the regular Tour, just scaled down to number of participants in this division. The Division Medalist will receive 30 points, followed by 28,26,24,22,21,20,19,18,17.....  Except for the Medalist, ties will receive equal points.

Tournament Awards will be combined with Top 5 Awards and paid out with one Gift Card per player at the end of the season. 

The tournament awards, points structure and year-end awards for this division are based on a current projected participation level of 21, subject to change.

Once the season begins, Medalist Division Results will be posted on, or accessed via this page.

Division Medalist $30 in GC Tour Medalist $250 or Silver Cup + GC
2nd Gross $20 in GC 2nd $110 in GC
3rd Gross $15 in GC 3rd $80 in GC
4th Gross $10 in GC 4th $60 in GC
5th Gross $5 in GC 5th $40 in GC